Information and communication bring people together.

This is most important whether you want to instruct your employees on new skills, train your volunteers on new tasks, help your customers on how to use your products, or support your management team on how to better interact with their staff.

Conveying the concepts that you want to teach in a way that your target audience will understand and remain engaged is crucial.   Mediagraphia can help you achieve this by applying adult learning principles and instructional design to develop engaging interactive instructional solutions that maximize concept retention, and increase efficiency.

In our role as Instructional Designer, and partnering with your Subject Matter Experts, we:

  • Define the courses’ objectives
  • Create the courses’ layouts
  • Write the scripts
  • Develop the storyboards
  • Design the templates
  • Create the graphic elements
  • Find and/or coach the voice over talent
  • Program the courses
  • Publish the courses
  • Create evaluation reports

At Mediagraphia we:

Listen • Analyze • Design • Develop • Implement • Evaluate